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The Green Geek: Great Coffee, Vegan Goodies, And More


Green Geek On Nut

As we mentioned in the Tips for Vegans In Thailand section of our main website, not so long ago the concept of a health store was mostly unknown in Bangkok. A few years ago, there were only a few suppliers selling things like dietary supplements, superfoods, and similar specialty items. But since 2017, this sector has experienced a massive boom in the city.

This may be partly because a growing number of Thai people are becoming aware about food safety and health issues. Also, the Thai middle class is expanding quickly, and so is their disposable income, which means they can afford products that carry a higher price tag. But we’re not here to discuss the Thai economy – we’re here to talk about vegan goodies, so let’s get to it.

We found The Green Geek while walking around On Nut. Although this neighbourhood is not really tourist central, it’s changing very quickly and so it was not surprising to find a specialty store in the area. The shop is inside Habito Mall (between BTS Phra Khanong and BTS On Nut), which is quite a pleasant place to escape the noise and chaos of Sukhumvit Road. The first thing that caught our attention about this shop is the huge amount of vegan goodies it carries. Let’s take a look at them!

Vegan Goodies At The Green Geek

As you enter The Green Geek you’ll see several shelves full of vegan products, from superfoods like acai powder or spirulina to personal and household items, like liquid soap or tooth paste. And yes, they have nutritional yeast, which has been quite difficult to find in Bangkok until very recently!

nutritional yeast Green Geek

kale powder Green Geek
Try before you buy
coconut cider vinegar
Who needs apple cider vinegar when you can have the coconut version?

natural soap Bangkok

vegan toothpaste bangkok
It’s toothpaste, and it’s vegan

Many of the products sold here are made by Organic Seeds, a Thai company that’s the leading provider of superfoods in the country. Take a look at their website, which is very user friendly and has an English version too, and find out more about who they are and what they do. And if you visit other health stores in Bangkok, you’ll soon become familiar with their products, as they seem to be everywhere. To be honest, we had to Google some of them because we had no idea about what they were. Camu camu powder? And what’s lucuma?

lucuma Green Geek
They’re good for you

Overall, the prices are reasonable considering that these are still considered specialty foods, and are probably on par with what you’d pay for these products in Western countries.

Vegan Food At The Green Geek

The Greek Geek also functions as a coffee shop and as a place where you can go and grab a healthy meal. One thing we liked was that although the place is small, it doesn’t feel cluttered. And although this is not a vegan restaurant, the owner told us he tries to have at least one vegan option available every day. The few times we’ve been there we found takeaway vegan meals, hummus, and snacks like the energy bars made by Balls & Juices.

takeaway vegan meals Green Geek

vegan energy bars Bangkok

One thing The Green Geek is known for is their kombucha, which is personally brewed by the owner, who’s very passionate about his craft. We’ve tried a few of their brews and our favourites are the pure ginger and lychee + chia seeds. We also tried a few of their vegan desserts, like coconut yogurt and raw brownies. Yes, we like desserts.

Green Geek kombucha

vegan coconut yogurt Bangkok
It’s cocogurt 😉

And of course, you can’t have dessert without a coffee. The Green Geek has recently started using 100% organic coffee beans, and they can always sub cow’s milk with almond or walnut milk to make lush coffee-based drinks like their Caramel Coffee Latte, made with homemade caramel sauce.

Green geek coffee menu

green geek caramel latte
Aren’t you tempted?


palm sugar Green Geek Bangkok

Coffee and kombucha are not the only drinks on offer. The shop has a great selection of healthy drinks, like cold pressed juices and protein smoothies.

Green geek protein smoothie
Protein smoothie: organic banana, fresh organic kale, spirulina, walnut milk, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, shredded coconut, and granola.

Green geek drinks menu

The shop owner is Chai, a young Thai lad who studied abroad is a really nice guy to talk to and very receptive to new ideas, so if there’s anything you’d like to see in the shop, just get in touch with him and let him know.

What Else Is Here?

If you’ve come to On Nut to check out this shop, we’ve got a few recommendations for you. First of all there’s Habito Mall. This venue hosts the Bangkok Farmer’s Market once a month. There are quite a few vegan-friendly vendors here! The mall also has a free book exchange based on an honour system, which is quite a nice thing to have if you live in the area and need reading material in English.

Habito Mall book exchange

Habito Mall book sharing

Habito Mall Bangkok

A short walk away from Habito is Century Movie Plaza (right across from BTS On Nut), a brand new cinema where you can catch a movie after your meal. And in case you’re still feeling peckish, in the same shopping centre you’ll find a Tops supermarket and a small stall called So Vegan.

century movie plaza onnut

So Vegan Century Mall

One thing that not many people seem to know is that you can get to the Srinakarin train market from here, just using public transport. We’ve always read that it’s a pain in the butt to get there and that you must take a taxi from BTS Udomsuk. One day, we looked at the map and thought that there had to be some sort of songthaew going there from On Nut, and we were right. Songthaew number 4 goes all the way from On Nut to Seacon Square for 8-10 baht (we can’t remember the exact fare). Just get to the Big C in On Nut, cross the road, and flag down the vehicle when you see it. The destination (Seacon) is written in Thai only, but all you need to know is that you want number 4. Get off at the last stop and then follow the crowds to the night market. This is a pretty cool market to visit on weekends, and there are plenty of vegan goodies on offer, as we wrote in our Night Markets section.

Rod Fai Market Srinakarin
A quirky night market for lovers of all things vintage
Rod Fai market scooters
Take your pick!
Vegan Thai dessert
Thai desserts at Rod Fai market
Vegan Thai dessert at Srinakarin train market
The prettiest khanom krok we’ve ever seen! All vegan.

Well, that’s all for now. We hope you’ll find the time to support this local business and try some of their products – and why not, explore the area since you’re already there!